Ulviyya Fataliyeva and Marta Garcia Martin emerged on top at the European Women’s Chess Championship 2024

After four played rounds at the European Women’s Chess Championship 2024 in Rhodes, Greece, IM Ulviyya Fataliyeva (AZE, 2377) and IM Marta Garcia Martin (ESP, 2349) emerged on the top as the only two players with perfect 4/4 score.

IM Ulviyya Fataliyeva was convincing against WIM Martyna Wikar (POL, 2214) yesterday, and won the game after taking a decisive advantage in the opening.

IM Marta Garcia Martin was Black against WIM Natacha Benmesbah (FRA, 2306) and opted for the Modern opening. When the dust have settled after a series of trades and sacrifices, Marta Garcia Martin had a clear piece up.

As many as 11 players follow the leading duo with the score of 3.5 points (each): IM Klaudia Kulon (POL, 2348), GM Anna Ushenina (UKR, 2418), IM Mai Narva (EST, 2401), WCM Bozhena Piddubna (UKR, 2005), WIM Alicja Sliwicka (POL, 2315), WGM Mitra Hejazipour (FRA, 2376), IM Deimante Daulyte-Cornette (FRA, 2381), WGM Govhar Beydullayeva (AZE, 2402), IM Marina Brunello (ITA, 2353), IM Sabina Vega Gutierrez (ESP, 2383), and IM Sophie Milliet (FRA, 2392).

Rankings, standings and pairings can be found here.

The 5th round is scheduled for today, starting at 14:00 CEST, and the players will then have a free day tomorrow. Live broadcast with commentaries by GM Alojzije Jankovic and Dragana Nikolovska can be followed through the ECU YouTube channel.


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