Excellence on Board Awards – European Women’s Chess Championship 2024

The ECU Commission for Women’s Chess is thrilled to announce the Excellence on Board Awards, a prestigious recognition of outstanding games and performances during the European Women’s Chess Championship held in the historic and beautiful island of Rhodes in Greece.

These awards are designed to celebrate strategic finesse, tactical brilliance, and the indomitable spirit of our participants.

For the first time, we are honoring achievements across five distinct categories, ensuring a wide acknowledgment of the diverse talent and dedication within our chess community.

The categories are as follows:

WOM ECU Excellence on Board Awards

  1. Commissions Choice: Winner is chosen by our esteemed Award commission: WGM Eva Repkova, WGM Regina Theissl Pokorna, WGM Elena-Luminita Cosma & WIM Anastasia Avramidou.
  2. People’s Choice: Giving the power to chess enthusiasts and fans to vote for their favourite two (2) games from rounds 1-9. The voting will start on the day of the last round.

    The committee will select three games from each round, summing a total of 27 games from which the public can choose their two favourite games. All the selections will be uploaded in this form.

    WOM ECU Performance Excellence Awards

  3. Junior U20: Focusing on rising stars this award will recognize the top ranked player under 20.
  4. Up to 2200 Elo Rating
  5. Above 2201

The selection process for The Commissions Choice and People’s Choice will involve careful consideration and community engagement, respectively, ensuring that the awards reflect both expert opinion and popular support.

We wish all ladies the best of luck and look forward to witnessing the exceptional talent and competitive spirit that the European Women’s Chess Championship is known for.


Voting Start Date & Time: Monday, 29th of April at 10:00 AM CET
Voting End Date & Time: Monday, 29th of April at 17.00 PM CET

The public is provided a seven-hour window on the 29th of April to cast their votes for their favourite two games among the 27 selected by the committee. It’s a concise period, so the interested voters should plan accordingly to ensure they have enough time to review and vote for their preferred games.

This is a great opportunity to engage with the championship and have a say in recognizing outstanding performances by the participants.

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